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Three Easy Steps To Protect Your WordPress Website


Ask "Do I need to protect my website from hackers?" You may never know that you have a problem until something goes wrong. Some things I've seen are extra folders or files placed on your server or extra code or images on some of your pages. If you are not watching the site daily you [...]


Quote: Stories About What Used To Happen

[Tweet "When your stories are about what used to happen, not what's going to happen, the end is near."] Source:  21 Signs Your Church Needs to Change by Carey Nieuwhof    

Web and Tech

Should We Provide Wifi For Church Visitors?


Do you provide wifi for church? Like most people with smart phones or other mobile device we stay connected. It's often a blessing when you can find free wifi when visiting a store or restaurant. There are several reasons more people are using locations that provide free wifi. One is the demise of the unlimited data [...]

Web and Tech

How to Change, Move and Delete WordPress Categories


You will eventually face the moment when you want to rename one or more Wordpress categories. Or perhaps you want to merge two or more categories into a single category. When that time comes I hope you will benefit from what I've learned so that you don't make the same mistakes I've made in the past. Recently I wanted to [...]


Christian Church Map Milestone


This week we hit a new milestone for the Christian Church Search map with over 1,800 independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ now included. The new United States map is the largest searchable map of restoration churches and growing weekly. If you are moving and looking for a church home or simply traveling this [...]


Important Christian Church Survey Project – Please Read

The Kairos Legacy Partners is undertaking a survey of our independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. This is a large and ambitious undertaking. I first became aware of the effort when I received an email with the survey. I want to encourage every church leader to participate in this survey and to pass it along [...]


Quote: Our Greatest Desire – Jonathan Edwards

We are free to choose, but we are always a slave to our greatest desire.   — Jonathan Edwards


Church Social Media: How To Clarify Your Focus

White Dandelion

The single white flower stood like a lone rebel in my lawn. It had come with a single purpose, to reach maturity and allow the wind to spread the wispy white seeds into new territory.  The flower was literally waiting to be blown away in the process so that the process could begin all over again (I can already see the a neighbor's perfect lawn being punctuated by [...]


Give Your Church Visitors A Great Visit


Ever wonder how good your congregation greets those that enter your building? Looking at the experience through the eyes of church visitors is very important so that we can better show hospitality to visitors (whether they be new people or regulars). Wanting to do that and making it happen are two different things. In nearly [...]


It Is Finished!

Pixabay: Public Domain

May you and have a great weekend with friends and family as we celebrate the Life, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are traveling or looking for a congregation to worship with this weekend please use the searchable maps we have available for you. Let this weekend be a time to [...]

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