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Important: Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Vulnerability


The WordPress plugin called Yoast WordPress SEO plugin has been revealed to have a vulnerability and if you run this plugin on your ministry website it's time to update the plugin now. Yoast is a very popular and it's very likely you might utilize this on one of your ministry's website. However, it appears from The Hacker [...]

News and Tech

The Lack of WordPress Knowledge Affects Your Security


A lack of knowledge concerning WordPress security may be putting your site at risk according to a recent survey. The day has long passed when a ministry could post a simple website with a number of moving gif's on their front page. Today, ministry website is the heart of information. Yet... ...fewer than one-quarter of users have received extensive training in [...]

News and Tech

Reftagger: Great Bible Verse WordPress Plugin


What ministry website doesn't have the need for a great easy to use Bible verse tagger? There have been many out there and over the span of time I've played around with several but really never settled onto one. I happened to be looking again and found Reftagger who have a very easy to install and [...]

News and Tech

WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Could Affect Your Site


Vulnerabilities through plugins happens. Best practice is to make sure your Wordpress site is updated to the latest version and that includes the plugins you on your site. A new one was made public yesterday. If you are using WP-Slimstat you need to upgrade immediately. This particular plugin has been downloaded over 1.3 million times [...]

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Ministry Websites Using WordPress Need Protection


While breaking news reports major intrusions into websites it almost eludes us that church or ministry websites need more protection. Several reasons can be attributed for this. First we think there is nothing important that anyone would from our site. The second thought is that we really don't have an IT department. Over the last [...]

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Goodbye to Evernote Hello as Company Axes App


Evernote Hello was touted by CNN as a Contact List killer. It's no wonder. Having used the app shortly after the app came out it has been indispensable. The free app synced with my Evernote App and was by far the best of the business card apps I've tried. So it was with great disappointment [...]

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Fact-Checking That Sunday Sermon!


What's happening in the audience of congregations around America? According to Barna Research 70% of Christian Millennials are using their on their phone or other device to read the Scripture (you either have noticed or are one like me). In addition 38% of the same group is also fact-checking what faith leaders are saying. I believe that this [...]

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When complainers lack courage


There isn't a single congregation that hasn't dealt with those infamous words “People are saying that . . . “ How leaders deal with (or don't deal with) will determine both the health of the congregation and staff. Success will promote a healthy environment. Failure to correctly deal with "People are saying..." will result in [...]

Ministry Jobs

Sherwood Oaks Christian Church Seeks Youth Intern

Sherwood Oaks Christian Church is a church of around 2,800 people located in the college town of Bloomington, Indiana. We’re seeking a 6-month (summer + semester, etc.) full-time Student Ministry Intern (male or female). The desired candidate will join our Student Ministry team that currently serves Jr. High, High School and College & Young Adult [...]

Ministry Jobs

Log Lick Christian Church Seeks Preacher

Log Lick Christian Church is a New Testament Christian Church. We offer a traditional service, with communion as the focal point; along with the singing of hymns, prayer, and preaching. We are looking for a man to fill a part-time preaching position for Sunday morning services and a preaching/teaching position for Sunday evening services. We [...]

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