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When complainers lack courage


There isn't a single congregation that hasn't dealt with those infamous words “People are saying that . . . “ How leaders deal with (or don't deal with) will determine both the health of the congregation and staff. Success will promote a healthy environment. Failure to correctly deal with "People are saying..." will result in [...]


Merry Christmas – Free Wallpaper!


Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Please enjoy the free wallpaper for your computer this holiday season!


Free Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper


Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving with friends and family! If you like the wallpaper you can download it for your use!


Why Your Church Doesn’t Produce Spiritual Growth


Tony Morgan has an article "12 Reasons Your Church Doesn't Produce Spiritual Growth" provides some snippets from the book  Move: What 1,000 Churches Reveal about Spiritual Growth by Greg Hawkins and Cally Parkinson. Tony brings out some great highlights from the book that are worth evaluating your ministry's effort. There are three key points that I would like [...]


Research: Spiritual Grown Not Achieved By Plugging People Into Activities


This will run against the grain of many congregation's expectations of getting people plugged in. The focus is about connecting people with Jesus Christ and their Heavenly Father. Then it becomes easier to connect people because then they will share a mutual connection. "If busy isn’t getting you growth–numerical and spiritual growth–then you need a [...]


Quote: Absence of clear discipleship outcomes


Setting clear goals isn't as easy as one might think. Once set those goals may be even harder to keep in focus. https://twitter.com/willmancini/status/507522166846279681 Photo: Pixabay (public domain)

Web and Tech

How To Add A Box Shadow To Your Website Using CSS


The Box-shadow was called as one of CSS3′s best new features when it came out. It's a great effect when used properly and can make a page pop from the background nicely. The difficulty was that not all browsers were made equal and were not compliant to web standards. As they became more compliant the more useful many of [...]

Ministry Jobs

The Grove Church Media and Communications Ministry

The Grove Church 4705 Grove St, Marysville, Washington 98270 Average Weekly Attendance: 800 Contact Information Ryan Loffer Phone: 360-659-2276 Email: rloffer@grovech.org Position Description media/communications  

Ministry Jobs

New Testament Church of Christ Youth Ministry

Position Description Promote and equip parents/families with the ideas and resources for family based discipleship. Attend all staff meetings. Organize, Train, and oversee youth and adult Sunday School from 6th grade thru adult age. Recruit train, and development volunteers for youth ministry. Work with all Jr. and Sr. High sponsors in attending, planning and execute [...]

Ministry Jobs

Shirley Christian Church Youth Ministry

Shirley Christian Church is interested in interviewing qualified candidates for a children’s/youth minister position. Shirley Christian Church is an undenominational, independent, Restoration Movement Christian Church located inShirley, Indiana. Current services are held each Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. The congregation provides financial support to multiple local, national, and international ministries. A statement of faith [...]

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